Three Stages of Education

1. Pre-Grammar
Typically ages 3- 6. It is essentially preschool/kindergarten where students learn the tools of learning: Reading, Writing and Ciphering (basic math skills through addition and subtraction). This stage, as with any other stage, could take place at home.
2. Grammar School
Typically ages 7-14. Students will study a core curriculum that is largely consistent with the classical Christian school model. This would include Math up through Algebra, a broad study of History, Science, Literature, Latin and the Bible; all with the focus of teaching the children to read, think and explain.
3. The Academy
Typically ages 12-18. At the academy, students will continue to pursue a core curriculum, but with even more flexibility for the student to pursue the subjects that they are interested in.  A teacher, who will be known as a tutor, will meet with each student on a regular basis to review their work which will largely consist of reading through many of the great books and discussing and writing about what they have learned. This tutorial system is based on the academic model used by Oxford for centuries.


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