School Governance

The One-Room School House is not be the typical 501c3 non-profit corporation.  It will not be sponsored by a church, nor will it be run by a board.  It will be a sole-proprietorship run by the teacher.  There are many reasons for this form of school governance. The reasons are not about profit, but rather stability.

A board that oversees a school is constantly evolving as its membership changes, this despite the best efforts to maintain a membership of like-minded persons.  As the board changes, the direction of the school begins to change.  Two well known examples are of course Harvard and Princeton and most every other Ivy League school, all begun with the highest academic and Christian standards and all compromised.

A school run by a church usually has even more difficulties. Imagine the poor pastor who thought it would be a good idea to have a school at his church: One of his parishioners comes to him, her child just expelled by his principal, and she wants to know how such a church to whom she and her extended family has supported for generations could kick her misunderstood child out into the cold.  There are more than a few pastors and principals who could stand firm in their convictions, but far fewer who could survive the politics of it all.  So in such cases the child remains and the standards of the school must be altered for his sake and compromise sets in.  Similar problems exist with a teacher, who though kind and well-intentioned may ultimately need to be removed to maintain the standards of the school. Again, the pastor, the principal and the board are going to be under a lot of pressure to lower their standards, to avoid dismissing a teacher.

Parent’s could rightly be concerned about how they would maintain control over the education of their child without having a board to elect. That concern presumes that having a vote gives some degree of control to a child’s parents.  That sense of control only has hope of being reality if the views of a parent is also the view of the majority. Better to have one person, with one vision, guide the school, taking advice as needed, compromising with the majority on the things that do not really matter, never compromising on the things that do.  The parents should examine the school and the teacher carefully to see if the vision and people are appropriate for their family and then keep a close tab on things going forward.

An advantage of the Independent Learner approach is that since it is not a one-size-fits-all program, there is a much better chance that the desires of a particular child’s parents can be met.



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