Andrew Pudewa on Multi-Age Classrooms

When a new Christian school is created it is usually low on students and therefore has its children in ‘combined classrooms’ with children from several different grades in the same room with the same teacher.  The adults involved are eagerly looking forward to the day when there are enough students to have one classroom for each grade; the students, not so much.  I am linking to an article by Andrew Pudewa who argues that a new school with a few dozen K-6 students in two or three combination classes is a better environment academically and socially, than a more established school with a class for each age/grade.  Mr. Pudewa explains how children in such a classroom mature faster, develop more leadership skills and learn better in such an environment. Continue reading

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The Classical Model of Education

In 1947, Dorothy Sayers presented a speech at Oxford titled The Lost Tools of Learning, a speech lamenting the demise of education in England and presenting an earlier model of education; an education that had successfully educated free men and leaders since the time of the Greeks.  There are two aspects to an education: what we teach and how we teach.  In the classical school, how we teach is through the Trivium.  What we teach is often referred to as the “Great Books” and is discussed below.  Continue reading

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Educating a Child Made in the Image of God?

If we are just workers, then school should be all about preparing children to work.  If we are soulless, biological machines simply responding to stimuli, then school should train children to have the correct responses.  If we are just social animals, then school should be about proper socialization.  But we were created in the image of God.  We are reasoning creatures made to know truth, we are moral creatures made to choose goodness, we are aesthetic creatures, doers; creators made to appreciate and create beauty.  Therefore, education should be primarily about thinking well, choosing well and creating well. Continue reading

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Welcome to the One Room Schoolhouse – Mount Pleasant, SC

A One Room Schoolhouse?  Quaint, but isn’t that rather archaic, old-fashion and very impractical? How can one teacher possibly give lessons in all those subjects to all those children at all those different age levels?  They didn’t and herein lies the key to their success: for children to succeed in the One Room Schoolhouse they have to become Independent Learners.  Continue reading

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