Students Learn From Students

An essential aspect of the one room schoolhouse is that the students learn from each other.  When a student is struggling with a math problem, they don’t go to the teacher for help, but rather to other students.  On the face of it, this might seem unfair, but anyone who has taught a Sunday School lesson will tell you that the one who gets the most out of the lesson is the teacher.  There is something about having to explain a concept that solidifies your understanding of it.  When a ten-year old asks a twelve-year old how to do long division, both are gaining.  There is also something about the way kids teach other. For some reason they seem to be more effective at it.  It is essential to explain to the students that when they are asked for help that they don’t just give the answer away.  The assisting student can only help the student with a question by asking questions themselves.  We parents should do the same at home.


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