Fine Arts and Physical Education

The Independent Learner classroom creates a great deal of flexibility for the instruction of Fine Arts, Athletics and other activities.  If the teacher is lacking skills in music, a music teacher can stop in once a week to teach a class in music theory.  For those students who are interested, the music teacher could also offer choir.  Since the students learn independently, those who choose to be part of choir or some other elective won’t have conflicts with the class schedule.  Drama is essential to a good education.  Students learn to express themselves in front of a crowd.  It does wonders for the shy child and can greatly improve the confidence and speaking abilities of all children.  The selection of good drama pieces lend themselves to the study of other subjects like history, Bible, etc.
In the area of sports, if there were interest among the students in karate, for instance, a teacher could be brought in to teach those students (an additional fee may be necessary for some electives).  Another teacher could be brought in for gymnastics and so on.  The Independent Learner classroom, unless there are a number of other classes nearby, is going to have a hard time fielding an athletic team, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t go out and throw the ball around to prepare for one of the organized community leagues.


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