Advancement Through Mastery

Factory School
In the factory school classroom students who learn their lesson quickly must wait quietly, do busy work, or cause mischief, but they certainly can’t go ahead with the next lesson!
Struggling students do not have time to master their work and must proceed on to the next level despite not having mastered the present one. How frustrating to not have figured out how to add ‘like fractions’, and then have the teacher announce that the class is moving on to adding ‘unlike fractions’. This does not make sense and is terribly discouraging to the student.
Independent Learner Classroom
As students master their lessons they move on to the next. They don’t have to wait for the teacher to explain the instructions for the fifth time, for the collecting and distribution of papers, and other disruptions. For the independent learner, there is nothing to hold them back.
On the other hand, the struggling student has the time he needs to work on a lesson until he masters it. Mastery, even if it takes longer, is much better than being defeated lesson after lesson, day after day. More importantly, the student is also prepared for the next lesson. This is a much more reasonable approach that doesn’t diminish a child’s natural desire to learn.

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