Accelerated Learning

It takes much longer to learn in the modern classroom.  Educators use a form of discipline known as In-house Suspension.  A child with In-House Suspension reports to the principal’s office at the beginning of the school day with a stack of books and a list of all the things his class will be accomplishing that day.  Invariably, the child accomplishes that list in about an hour and a half.  How is it that the rest of the class took over six hours to do the same thing?  When the teacher is spoon-feeding a class their lessons, there are constant, incessant interruptions.  Repeating instructions four or five times, reprimanding kids, and transitions from one subject to the next are all quite time-consuming, and this is even in the good schools.  Also, the little secret of homeschooling is that not only do they do much better in terms of test scores, they do it in just a few hours a day.  In the One Room Schoolhouse, the independent learners can move at a very healthy pace, leaving time for extra-curricular activities, time with family in the evening, etc.


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