Quick Overview

An Independent Learner classroom appears quite similar to a one room schoolhouse. There are students of different ages in the same room. Most of the student’s day is spent learning independently or alongside other students. Students are working at their own pace on assignments created with their teacher according to a common curriculum, but with the flexibility to adjust to each students abilities and interests. The classroom often has many different conversations and activities going on. Rather than the teacher instructing all the students at once, he meets with the students one at a time to review their work and plan out their next assignments. Students who are new to the class will meet formally once or twice a day; veteran students two or three times a week; the less, the better because it shows that they have learned to learn for themselves. The teacher is often roaming the room, asking questions, starting projects with the students. There is a daily class meeting where Bible time is held, the pledge is said, songs are sung, and group memory work is reviewed. The students are more mature and happier than in an age-segregated classroom.

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