Personalized Pace of Education


Teaching to the Middle
In the factory-school students often become bored, frustrated or both because the teacher almost always teaches to the middle. Students are spoon-fed their lessons as a group, the slow students are frustrated, the faster students are bored. For many students, boys in particular, frustration and boredom turns to passive-resistance to learning and school. This, of course, is not a good thing. How come many children who were so inquisitive in their first five years of life seem to lose so much of that curiosity at school?
Teaching to the Individual
In the one room schoolhouse, the students learn at a pace independent from their classmates, according to their abilities.  The frustrations of having to wait for the rest of the class or being forced ahead too quickly are eliminated. Behavioral problems that arise from bored or frustrated students are also greatly reduced. Learning is much more fun and effective when you learn at your own pace.

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