Classroom Social Problems Reduced

Pecking orders always exist in any group of people, but in the modern age-grouped classrooms the pecking order is worked out in ways that are very painful, as many of us remember.  When children are in a multi-age classroom, working out the pecking order is a much simpler and a far less difficult experience. When you are eight years old, submitting yourself in the pecking order to a student who is six years older than you is not very humiliating at all, certainly not something worth fighting about.  It is possible that a nine-year old would exalt himself over a six-year-old, but a twelve-year-old will be sure to straighten him out, if the teacher does not.  This is something that has been discovered by the homeschooling movement as well as the Montessori schools.  Homeschoolers have found that their children are much more comfortable in dealing with children older than them, and much kinder to younger children.  Homeschooled children are also quite comfortable conversing with adults too, a very helpful trait as one reaches adulthood.


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