Accelerated Maturity

Students who are not age-grouped mature much faster.  You wouldn’t expect placing your six-year old in a class full of other six-year olds would improve his behavior.  On the other hand, in a classroom of students with ages ranging from  six to twelve, you could expect that your six-year old’s behavior would be influenced by the more mature, older students.
In an age-grouped classroom the effect is worse than neutral.  Not only are older role models lacking, behavior tends to migrate toward the worst behaved students, not the best.  The more mature students have to behave immaturely to get along with the others.  In the classroom full of fourth graders, no one wants to be like the teacher’s pet, but fourth graders do want to be like the fifth graders.  Several years of being surrounded by older students to look up to and emulate would surely accelerate your child’s maturity.


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