Basic Questions Answered

What’s this website about?

We are starting a distinctly different type of Christian school in Mount Pleasant, SC in the fall of 2011.  This website has a menu in the header with information that explains the philosophy of the school in detail.  The right sidebar of the menu contains a menu of information for prospective parents.

What are the practical details?

  • Ages: in our first year we will be able to serve students approximately 7 to 12 years of age.
  • Cost:  tuition is $4,900 for the first child and there is a registration fee of $250.
  • Location: We are in talks with two locations in Mount Pleasant and look forward to finalizing this matter very soon.

How is this school different from other schools?

The aspect that sets the One Room Schoolhouse apart from almost all other schools is that the classrooms are multi-age.  The classroom will have students whose ages span several years.  We do break the students up into three stages, approximately preschool through first grade, approximately second grade through seventh, and then on through high school.  But we do not think in terms of ages or grade levels, but rather in terms of accomplishment or mastery.  The multi-age environment forces the students to be independent learners and they are not required to learn at the same pace.  

Are there other distinguishing characteristics?

  • Christian:  We do not limit God to Bible Time.  We teach about God in all subjects.  God is the God of science and history, even math.
  • Adaptable education: the One Room Schoolhouse creates an academic structure that can flex to meet the needs of the child.  While we have a core curriculum that all students should study; the student, parent and teacher will meet as needed to adapt the child’s education to the child.

Is this like Montessori?

In many ways yes, but we see two differences.  One, her views on the nature of the child do not align exactly with scripture concerning the sin-nature of man.  Two, Montessori schools don’t adapt to the students needs to the degree that the One Room Schoolhouse does.  Please note: we are not experts on Montessori, we admire her work even if disagree on some points, Montessori schools are not all the same, and we would be glad to be corrected if you know otherwise.

Are there other benefits to the Multi-age classroom

  • Children of all abilities can learn faster than they would in a modern classroom.
  • Children who struggle with learning are not frustrated by being advanced faster than they can learn.
  • Children who can learn quickly are not frustrated by having to wait for the rest of the class.
  • The child is focused on learning, not letter grades.  Mastery is the goal.
  • Family-like environment rather than an institutional environment.
  • Accelerated Maturity.
  • Social problems are greatly reduced.
  • Beneficial to shy children.

Is the One Room Schoolhouse for all children?

Through out the first half of America’s history we could answer that question affirmatively, but times were different in the era of the one room school houses.  But like then, most children who can work hard at home, stay on task, are not overly indulged, obey their parents, and do not have much access to easy entertainment, can succeed in the one room schoolhouse.

There is much more information on this website that expounds on the points made above.


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